Lack of news but work never stops

Hi all,

First off please apology for the lack of news from me and the project. I know it’s a problem and a show stopper for the project, until now I always had a few months in the year where I don’t have much free time and don’t code so much, but SliTaz as grow and new release should not depend on me. So I must dispatch release tasks and we need a release team to manage all that release stuff. Actually I’m working with Erjo to publish a new Cooking as soon as possible. The positive side about any new stable release and a semi frozen wok is that now, we have really rock solid packages in Cooking.

On the other side SliTaz development has never stop, users can see that via our Mercurial repositories at, the support forum and via Tazpkg updates. We have incredible people in the SliTaz contributors team with incredible coding skills, but definitely with a lack of communication. I set up SCN in the hope other contributors will also write blog posts about new features they added in the distro and general news, I guess not everyone feel comfortable to publish on SliTaz official blog so I will now do less code but more news. I want to keep the hand on cookutils, boot scripts and a few important packages but will no longer code new stuff such as ssfs. Finally I know the lack of news is my fault, I must change a few things to get better and be a stronger maintainer. Please don’t forget that until I’m alive I will always keep an eye on commited code, also I’m not alone in the project and SliTaz is a community project, so all new forces are welcome :-)

On the network side, I payed for untill 2016 and got Tank bandwith in a pain, Tank is the main server and build host hosted by me. Sadly my provider have trouble with old copper cable and I’m waiting for the optic fiber connection in spring time. So we have moved the website, hg and doc to Erjo personal server located in Paris, thank you so much guy <3

- Christophe