SliTaz USB Key project launched

Hi all SliTaz folks,

Today we are launching the SliTaz USB key project! Pre-order your own SliTaz Spider USB key for 25 Euros minimum, yes you can also give more to help the project. For a while we have had requests for a SliTaz preinstalled USB key and so we searched away to offer this service to our users. We finally made our own USB key in the form of a SliTaz Spider. We will start production when we have 1000 pre-orders,  it is actually only a prototype, any comments or suggestions are welcome.

We hope you will like this prototype! To pre-order your Slitaz USB Key please visit:

For the SliTaz team – Christophe

One thought on “SliTaz USB Key project launched

  1. Avatar of GaryGary

    I like the idea of the spider but I don’t think it is practical – the legs will probably get in the way and, with use over time, may even come off(?). It won’t fit into a pocket easily because of the legs so will force people to wear it on a lanyard. I personally would prefer to just see the main body of the USB with the SliTaz logo/name and no spider legs. Overall a great idea to include it on a branded USB stick :)

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