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SliTaz RPi Box and PiLeds

These last days we fixes some SliTaz 5.0-RC1 issues and we are getting ready for 5.0. We also worked on boards and leds integration in SliTaz Raspberry Pi and coded a small utility to help manage RPi devices from a standard SliTaz desktop:

The box is provided by the package 'slitaz-arm-rpi' and it will add a menu entry in "System Tools". You can use TazPanel or the cmdline to install the package:

# tazpkg -gi slitaz-arm-rpi

On the leds side we have coded a tool named 'pileds' and packaged Adafruit with PiClass code examples. The goal is to provide a built-in tool to easily use leds from the cmdline and to have code to start writing you own Python scripts for the 7-segment LED Backpack and the 8x8 Matrix from Adafruit. SliTaz PiBook was also updated with a mini-guide about leds usage

We are not associated with Adafruit, but it'a the DIY hardware we actually use. More support for more boards such as Piface will follow.

∗ 2014-05-07