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SCN is now powered by TinyCM

Hi all SliTaz community,

I just migrated the old Wordpress powered SCN site to TinyCM. Most accounts are no longer valid but TinyCM share accounts with bugs.slitaz.org since it use the SliTaz accounts database. TinyCM is Tiny Content Management with a small core and plugins support. It provide wiki like syntaxe or pure html code, hre is the help page

TinyCM provide gettext support for the interface and languages support for the content. And I guess it's the only full featured Content Management System powered by CGI/SHell scripts! TinyCM is also on SliTaz mirror and can be installed via the Tazpkg or Spk.

TinyCM is published under BSD License and the code can be found on SliTaz Hg repos and contributors are welcome.

∗ 2014-04-23

SliTaz au salon Solutions Linux

Bonjour à tous, les 28 29 mai 2013 nous serons présents au salon Solutions Linux, Libre et Open Source à Paris. Venez nous rendre visite au stand A43! Nous ferons des démos et des installation sur clé USB ou card SD.

∗ 2013-05-01

SliTaz USB Key project launched

Hi all SliTaz folks,

Today we are launching the SliTaz USB key project! Pre-order your own SliTaz Spider USB key for 25 Euros minimum, yes you can also give more to help the project. For a while we have had requests for a SliTaz preinstalled USB key and so we searched away to offer this service to our users. We finally made our own USB key in the form of a SliTaz Spider. We will start production when we have 1000 pre-orders, it is actually only a prototype, any comments or suggestions are welcome.

We hope you will like this prototype! To pre-order your Slitaz USB Key please visit: usbkey.slitaz.org

∗ 2012-03-24

Random news about SliTaz

Hi all,

We now have a new build tool to cook the official ISO. The tool is called cookiso and is well integrated with Cookutils and the cooker but remains independent. It acts as a build bot for ISOs, and it checks the packages list and Hg modifications to automatically cook and push the rolling on the mirror. This tool was needed to standardize ISO building and make 4.0 easier to publish for us. Cookiso can also be used locally (read the README :-) and currently runs on Tank: http://cook.slitaz.org/cookiso.cgi

On the packages side we had some fixes in Cook and the Cooker as well as a new RSS feed for a last cooked package so you can get all the info without browsing to the Cooker: http://cook.slitaz.org/?rss

All of the English Website and all download pages use PHP and includes files so we are ready for 4.0 on that side, now we just have to modify the config.php file in the website repo to update all strings. I also added a featured sponsor on the main page and asso pages, a forum feed is now on main pages, and big icons for download ISO and some code clean up. I have removed all the out-of-date RSS feeds to keep one main feed which is relayed to Twitter and Facebook and lets all contributors with HG access post on the official accounts. Finally we are also happy to announce the new official Russian website: http://www.slitaz.org/ru/

On the 4.0 release process side we are mostly ready, documentation is currently updated and the so infamous Xorg bug was found and will be fixed very soon. The bug comes from empty Xorg configuration files in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d directory. Huge thanks to Mojo, Paul and others for their great help! You can expect 4.0 in a few weeks, say 2-3.

A word on the new sponsor page and featured sponsors on our website. Without sponsors we couldn’t provide any high quality services to our users. Our main mirror is sponsored by ADS for more than 4 years now and really deserves a link from slitaz.org and a nice logo. ADS used SliTaz for their Allied Distrib Server and make huge code feedbacks to the project. I also would like to write a full blog post about our 2 new sponsors but I will introduce them now. We have signed a new sponsorship with DuckDuckGo search engine, it has become the default search engine in SliTaz and we share sponsored links revenues at 50/50. DuckDuckGo uses OpenSource technology, is secure and doesn’t track you: https://duckduckgo.com/

We are also very proud to be sponsored by the COSI labs at Clarkson University. COSI provides us full access to a virtual machine, lots of HD space, RAM and power! We are going to move some of our site to this server and open new services. Stay tuned! :-) We are currently monitoring the server and will migrate sites after 4.0: http://cosi.clarkson.edu/

Huge thanks to our sponsors and donators.

∗ 2012-03-18

Distro news and sponsor

So here are some distribution news and some information on how to sponsor the project. Like usual, commits never stop into our Mercurial repositories and we had a really nice and productive IRC meeting last friday. The meeting ended up with a collaborative wiki page to write the SliTaz 4.0 Release Notes and we also fixed the timeline.

On the packages side, the Cooking repository has now more than 3000 packages. We did many small fixes and added a few well tested packages. All the SliTaz sub projects have been released such as Cookutils, SliTaz Tools, TazPanel, etc. So don’t forget to update your system via TazPanel or # tazpkg up -r.

Boot menu

So after years with a poor splash screen and boot prompt, I have committed a new graphical menu for SliTaz Live CD and USB systems. The default entry will boot SliTaz core. The other entries, from top to down, let you see help and options, select default language for keyboard and system, enter the command line boot prompt or start web boot.

New Desktop layout icons

The SliTaz configs package, which provides all custom artwork and configuration files, now provide a new desktop layout with two panels. The top panel with application launcher, date and time, notification icons and battery applet. The bottom panel with application menu, taskbar and pager. The SliTaz icon package has also been updated and provide an overall new icon theme. More complete than the previous version, but still very light.

Sponsor us

The project has grown a lot over the last years and uses more and more resources. For example we need more than 72 hours of compilation to rebuild a full cooking wok. Building packages uses a lot of CPU. The machine which handles that is called Tank. It’s actual hardware and not a virtual machine. Tank is hosted at my home and I pay for electricity and network connection, but my connection can’t handle all the website requests, so you can help us to get a dedicated VM or server.

If you want to become an official SliTaz sponsor, you may be interested in our new website page about Sponsoring SliTaz. I will come back on this sponsor stuff in a future post, but must update the full website beforehand and make a script to display a random sponsor logo on the main page. SliTaz is also going to the SolutionLinux expo in Paris, you can help me pay my train ticket and offer T-Shirts to Pascal and Erjo. :-)

∗ 2012-02-22

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