SliTaz USB Key project launched

Hi all SliTaz folks,

Today we are launching the SliTaz USB key project! Pre-order your own SliTaz Spider USB key for 25 Euros minimum, yes you can also give more to help the project. For a while we have had requests for a SliTaz preinstalled USB key and so we searched away to offer this service to our users. We finally made our own USB key in the form of a SliTaz Spider. We will start production when we have 1000 pre-orders,  it is actually only a prototype, any comments or suggestions are welcome.

We hope you will like this prototype! To pre-order your Slitaz USB Key please visit:

For the SliTaz team – Christophe

Random news about SliTaz

Hi all,

We now have a new build tool to cook the official ISO. The tool is called cookiso and is well integrated with Cookutils and the cooker but remains independent. It acts as a build bot for ISOs, and it checks the packages list and Hg modifications to automatically cook and push the rolling on the mirror. This tool was needed to standardize ISO building and make 4.0 easier to publish for us. Cookiso can also be used locally (read the README :-) and currently runs on Tank:

On the packages side we had some fixes in Cook and the Cooker as well as a new RSS feed for a last cooked package so you can get all the info without browsing to the Cooker:

All of the English Website and all download pages use PHP and includes files so we are ready for 4.0 on that side, now we just have to modify the config.php file in the website repo to update all strings. I also added a featured sponsor on the main page and asso pages,  a forum feed is now on main pages, and big icons for download ISO and some code clean up. I have removed all the out-of-date RSS feeds to keep one main feed which is relayed to Twitter and Facebook and lets all contributors with HG access post on the official accounts. Finally we are also happy to announce the new official Russian website:

On the 4.0 release process side we are mostly ready, documentation is currently updated and the so infamous Xorg bug was found and will be fixed very soon. The bug comes from empty Xorg configuration files in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d directory. Huge thanks to Mojo, Paul and others for their great help! You can expect 4.0 in a few weeks, say 2-3.

A word on the new sponsor page and featured sponsors on our website. Without sponsors we couldn’t provide any high quality services to our users. Our main mirror is sponsored by ADS for more than 4 years now and really deserves a link from and a nice logo. ADS used SliTaz for their Allied Distrib Server and make huge code feedbacks to the project. I also would like to write  a full blog post about our 2 new sponsors but I will introduce them now. We have signed a new sponsorship with DuckDuckGo search engine, it has become the default search engine in SliTaz and we share sponsored links revenues at 50/50. DuckDuckGo uses OpenSource technology, is secure and doesn’t track you:

We are also very proud to be sponsored by the COSI labs at Clarkson University. COSI provides us full access to a virtual machine, lots of HD space, RAM and power! We are going to move some of our site to this server and open new services. Stay tuned! :-) We are currently monitoring the server and will migrate sites after 4.0:

Huge thanks to our sponsors and donators.

- Christophe

Distro news and sponsor

Hi all SliTaz fellows!

So here are some distribution news and some information on how to sponsor the project. Like usual, commits never stop into our Mercurial repositories and we had a really nice and productive IRC meeting last friday. The meeting ended up with a collaborative wiki page to write the SliTaz 4.0 Release Notes and we also fixed the timeline.


On the packages side, the Cooking repository has now more than 3000 packages. We did many small fixes and added a few well tested packages. All the SliTaz sub projects have been released such as Cookutils, SliTaz Tools, TazPanel, etc. So don’t forget to update your system via TazPanel or # tazpkg up -r.

Boot menu

So after years with a poor splash screen and boot prompt, I have committed a new graphical menu for SliTaz Live CD and USB systems. The default entry will boot SliTaz core. The other entries, from top to down, let you see help and options, select default language for keyboard and system, enter the command line boot prompt or start web boot.

New Desktop layout & icons

The SliTaz configs package, which provides all custom artwork and configuration files, now provide a new desktop layout with two panels. The top panel with application launcher, date and time, notification icons and battery applet. The bottom panel with application menu, taskbar and pager. The SliTaz icon package has also been updated and provide an overall new icon theme. More complete than the previous version, but still very light.

Sponsor us

The project has grown a lot over the last years and uses more and more resources. For example we need more than 72 hours of compilation to rebuild a full cooking wok. Building packages uses a lot of CPU. The machine which handles that is called Tank. It’s actual hardware and not a virtual machine. Tank is hosted at my home and I pay for electricity and network connection, but my connection can’t handle all the website requests, so you can help us to get a dedicated VM or server.

If you want to become an official SliTaz sponsor, you may be interested in our new website page about Sponsoring SliTaz. I will come back on this sponsor stuff in a future post, but must update the full website beforehand and make a script to display a random sponsor logo on the main page.

SliTaz is also going to the SolutionLinux expo in Paris, you can help me pay my train ticket and offer T-Shirts to Pascal and Erjo. :-)

- Christophe

SliTaz Home Tank Server!

I have been working on a solution to hosting tank on your home computer. Why would people want this? Cause it will allow slitaz to be fully backup distro with all repos, source tarballs, packages, and a live system for hosting slitaz websites and files. This is to become the new version of slitaz source dvd.

I made a script called local-mirror for my slitaz-modular project so i can make my livecd with repos act have local version of the websites below:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, piratebox.lan

You may say that is not a real site. But its fake website for the linuxfromscratch docs on the source dvd by using lfs-book package. You can setup your one website too if you want for this local lan. I use so i’m not blocking anything else on the internet but maybe a subdomain for

I have for basic man pages. is for understanding mercurial. is the English version of gimp help docs. I also have french ( and spanish ( gimp help docs. piratebox.lan is meant to help share files on local lan.

But how do you host the websites on the local lan? I do that using dnsmasq. I just change the IP_ADDR to equal my computer ip address. Then restart with local-mirror script in root. (I have a on and off option so the /etc/hosts file can be reset and lighttpd and crond on or off.)

This source dvd will allow local lan hosting of sources, repos, and packages too. You can also use the source dvd for your own local lan version build bot.

I have custom version of wok and cookutils called wok-tank and my-cookutils. I keep my changes in a separate cooking branch so the default branch can stay in sync with official wok. post:

Its been 4 months since i last release a iso. Here is my torrent iso:

Iso is 367mb. Kernel is update to 3.2.1. Also of other updates are in iso also. I sadly don’t know all of them.

root password is root
tux password is tux

Login in as root and use local-mirror on in command line to use my local mirror sites. I added support for piratebox.lan these last few days.

I hope this helps.

PS Please download and seed this. Heck I don’t even know if deluge is going to willing to seed so please hang in there.

Here is a link to my reddit post.

Lack of news but work never stops

Hi all,

First off please apology for the lack of news from me and the project. I know it’s a problem and a show stopper for the project, until now I always had a few months in the year where I don’t have much free time and don’t code so much, but SliTaz as grow and new release should not depend on me. So I must dispatch release tasks and we need a release team to manage all that release stuff. Actually I’m working with Erjo to publish a new Cooking as soon as possible. The positive side about any new stable release and a semi frozen wok is that now, we have really rock solid packages in Cooking.

On the other side SliTaz development has never stop, users can see that via our Mercurial repositories at, the support forum and via Tazpkg updates. We have incredible people in the SliTaz contributors team with incredible coding skills, but definitely with a lack of communication. I set up SCN in the hope other contributors will also write blog posts about new features they added in the distro and general news, I guess not everyone feel comfortable to publish on SliTaz official blog so I will now do less code but more news. I want to keep the hand on cookutils, boot scripts and a few important packages but will no longer code new stuff such as ssfs. Finally I know the lack of news is my fault, I must change a few things to get better and be a stronger maintainer. Please don’t forget that until I’m alive I will always keep an eye on commited code, also I’m not alone in the project and SliTaz is a community project, so all new forces are welcome :-)

On the network side, I payed for untill 2016 and got Tank bandwith in a pain, Tank is the main server and build host hosted by me. Sadly my provider have trouble with old copper cable and I’m waiting for the optic fiber connection in spring time. So we have moved the website, hg and doc to Erjo personal server located in Paris, thank you so much guy <3

- Christophe

Projects news and updates

Hi everyone,

While we made more than 900 commits in 3 weeks a lot of code have entered in our repositories and some projects have been released with great improvements and many fixes. So here is a small summary about SliTaz projects releases.

TazWeb 1.4

New version of our tiny Web browser with bookmarks support via the contextual menu, printing support, nice clickable icon in the search entry and now the option “Open in new window” work smoothly. The TazWeb documentation have also been updated and we search contributors to translate it!

Tazpkg 4.7

Our packages manager Tazpkg as reach version 4.7 and is mature and full featured packages manager all written in SHell script. The new ‘up’ command for system upgrade have been improved and handle blocked packages, alot of old code have been remove from tazpkg and the old GTK gui is now replaced by TazPanel. The notification icon as also been update to use TazPanel for recharging packages list and upgrade system if necessary.

TazPanel 1.0

Not much news yet on our new system administration tool TazPanel, we wanted to make a release to be included in the next Cooking so we can have feedback from the community. But it’s a paradox since TazPanel is one of our great and new important projects that change the way users and administrators administer there SliTaz system, using a web base tool lets you remotely control SliTaz and allows customization of all interfaces. TazPanel 1.0 is the first release and may have bugs, we are going to improve it and add new features in the next weeks. Please bear with us!

SliTaz Tools 4.3

The SliTaz tools package provide all the small utilities you can find in the desktop menu as well as command line tools. The main change in this release is the new TazBox and SliTaz installer aka tazinst. TazBox provide end users GUI such as the logout window or the boxes to configure system language and keyboard. TazBox now provide a new box to configure system time zone and is fully translated to Portuguese and French. The new installer is in a testing stage and is a pure command line tool ready to be used by different kind of front ends.

Cookutils 1.3

Cook and the Cooker built 3006 packages from the cooking repository has been hugely improved. Errors handling is finer, CGI web interface improved and can use a custom header.html, documentation update many times, few cosmetic changes, new interactive commands to create new package. The packages db as well as the flavors creation have been improved and was needed for the official mirror.

For detailed information and a complete list of changes in the distribution you can browse our Mercurial repositories on

- Christophe

New Build Bot up and running

Hi all,

So we have now a new Build Bot up and running. Toolchain have been rebuild 4 times and actually 90% of our ~3000 packages are rebuilt. The build bot aka the Cooker is listing to all commit getting into the wok and automaticaly build them. I did a new domain to make the change between the past and now, the web interface let you check the cooker stat and check if latest commit have built succeffuly:

Web interface:

The new Build Bot is called The Cooker and is part of a new set of tools to build SliTaz packages. This set of tools is called the cookutils and provide simple to use and fast utilities to create SliTaz packages. I rewrote new tools since we was struggling for month to have a a simple tool to use on our main server aka Tank and also on contributors requests who wanted an easiy to use and maintain tool to cook there packages. The preview tool, Tazwok have greatly evolved in the “SliTaz from scratch builder” and let you rebuild the full system from scratch.


Also many many packages have been fixed but we have still 10% to fix. If some non blocking packages dont build due to crapy receipt, they will be removed from wok. Most bugs are due to missing build dependencies and all help to fix them is greatly appreciated (we are active on the mailling list and if you have write access to repos, just commit your fixes).

On the udev/kernel side. We now back to a i386 kernel and new udev. When I restarted to rebuild all packages I found bugs and udev wast’n building anymore, finally we was using and too old version of usbutils (udev depend on it) with unrefered functions to the kernel. It’s only 2 days I use it but have no more udev error and freez at boot!

That said, we will probably sync the mirror this week, so be prepared to a huge cooking update.

Solutions Linux 2011

Bonjour à tous,

Rendez-vous  les 10, 11 et 12 Mai au salon Solutions Linux /Open source qui se déroulera au  CNIT (Paris La Défense). Nous serons  au Village Associatif (stand VAA58) pendant les 3 jours pour discuter et répondre à vos questions.

Venez nombreux nous rendre visite!

Campagne de dons

Aidez Pankso at aller à Paris cette année et travailler à 100% sur SliTaz pendant au moins un mois: Faire un don en ligne

New Bugs Tracker

Hi all,

After a full day of configuration/customization we got a new Bugs Tracker for the project to replace current, complicated and unused labs.

Bugs tracker URL:

Simple to use:

  • One tracker
  • 4 priority: critical, standard, feature, task
  • 6 status possibilities for an issue

To feel up a bug a user must at least put a title and priority. I did a theme matching the all SliTaz Network and hope it’s clean and clear for you. I also did a Roundup template for slitaz to initialize de DB with custom field, Roundup is written in Python so it’s a pleasure! Roundup is also a very good friend of Mercurial (also Python) and used by Hg developers them self.

On the design side, I removed all border from table, make font bigger, etc. If you find we should have a bottom-border to separate the bugs list, let me know, but I will probably not anser to your request because i LOVE our new tracker like it is.

That said, we still need to make a deep integration with Hg so when we do a commit related to a bug it will update/close the issue. If some wants to take in charge the task:

There is also an ajustement to due with emails. I use to send mail but dont know own to receive mail (when a user register he can valid is account with an url but also by sending a mail to roundup). To work we must set up a mail dir or a dedicated POP account for Roundup.

There is some docs on Roundup website about email gatteway so we can send or update bug by mail. Is ther someone motivated to this task ? More information at:

Now I’m feeling up some tasks for 4.0 so have a look to and pic up a task if you want to help with SliTaz 4.0 stable release.