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Announcing the PiClass project

Hi all,

I am very happy to officially announce the new PiClass project! Our Raspberry Pi Travelling Classroom. The project goal is to provide a travelling computer lab with some robotics components using a Raspberry Pi.

The classroom can support half a class, ie from 10 to 12 students and can travel between school buildings in a suitcase on wheels! All the Raspberry Pi are powered by SliTaz ARM and the workshops are supervised by teachers and passionate SliTaz developers.

To start the first PiClass for kids in Switzerland we created an online fundraising. The material will be used for school lessons, workshops and open Jams.

By making a donation, you enable children to receive free computer and robotics workshops and you will help SliTaz developers getting some passionate work!

The PiClass website: piclass.org
The fundraising page: www.gofundme.com/css040

∗ 2014-08-09

Opération Libre à Gérardmer

Bonjour à tous,

Ce week-end du 17 et 18 mai nous avons participé à une opération libre dans Vosges organisée par nos amis de chez Framasoft. Le carde était magnifique et l'ambiance très sympa. Il y a eu du monde tout au long de la manifestation, avec des personnes qui venaient découvrir Linux et le libre et des presonnea qui connaissaient déjà le monde du libre. Nous avons aussi eu l'occasion de rencontrer des utilisateurs de SliTaz, ce qui fait toujours chaud au coeur!

J'espère que l'opération libre aura aussi lieu l'année prochaine. C'est aussi pour moi l'occasion de passer quelques jours avec Pascal Bellard, de coder ensemble et parler de SliTaz. Nous en avons profité pour préparer et publier un SliTaz 5.0 RC2.

En tant qu'enseignant c'était un grand plaisir de partager avec la communauté Framasoft et de pouvoir faire des démos de ce que je fais avec les élèves en informatique et robotique. Vous trouverez plus d'info au sujet de l'opération libre sur le Framablog

∗ 2014-05-19

SliTaz RPi Box and PiLeds

These last days we fixes some SliTaz 5.0-RC1 issues and we are getting ready for 5.0. We also worked on boards and leds integration in SliTaz Raspberry Pi and coded a small utility to help manage RPi devices from a standard SliTaz desktop:

The box is provided by the package 'slitaz-arm-rpi' and it will add a menu entry in "System Tools". You can use TazPanel or the cmdline to install the package:

# tazpkg -gi slitaz-arm-rpi

On the leds side we have coded a tool named 'pileds' and packaged Adafruit with PiClass code examples. The goal is to provide a built-in tool to easily use leds from the cmdline and to have code to start writing you own Python scripts for the 7-segment LED Backpack and the 8x8 Matrix from Adafruit. SliTaz PiBook was also updated with a mini-guide about leds usage

We are not associated with Adafruit, but it'a the DIY hardware we actually use. More support for more boards such as Piface will follow.

∗ 2014-05-07

SliTaz RPi News and PiBook

The SliTaz ARM repository was very buzzy these days and bring up a lots of new features to the distribution. We also published a complet book about using SliTaz with the Raspberry Pi

New SliTaz Raspberry Pi release is on the stove! Stay turned :-)

∗ 2014-05-02

SCN is now powered by TinyCM

Hi all SliTaz community,

I just migrated the old Wordpress powered SCN site to TinyCM. Most accounts are no longer valid but TinyCM share accounts with bugs.slitaz.org since it use the SliTaz accounts database. TinyCM is Tiny Content Management with a small core and plugins support. It provide wiki like syntaxe or pure html code, here is the help page

TinyCM provide gettext support for the interface and languages support for the content. And I guess it's the only full featured Content Management System powered by CGI/SHell scripts! TinyCM is also on SliTaz mirror and can be installed via the Tazpkg or Spk.

TinyCM is published under BSD License and the code can be found on SliTaz Hg repos and contributors are welcome.

∗ 2014-04-23

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