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TinyCM lets you easily create nice web content. Clean, fast and CGI SHell powered! TinyCM provides a simple Wiki syntax, a JavaScript code helper, diff interface, dashboard, Hg integration and a plugin system. It can also be multi-user and a great collaboration tool.


==== Title 1 ====
=== Title 2 ===
== title 3 ==

Text formating

This is how to make bold, emphasis and underline text:

**bold** ''emphasis'' __underline__

Page link and URL

To create a new page you have to create a new link to it. Then you can edit and add content to your new page. First the link title then the path to a new or existing page:


You can also use a full URL. This time we separate the link name of the URL with an exclamation !



You can have some images in your content folder or use one from the web. Just paste the URL to the PNG image or use the image name:


User link

You can refer to a user in any wiki document and some plugins such as wall:


No wiki formating

You may want to use HTML code in your pages and avoid any wiki parsing function such as this help page. Just add the tag NOWIKI into [ ] at any place in the page.