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SUP Documentation

SliTaz User Packages is currently (Feb 2017) under development but a usable :-) First beta version will come soon.

The goal is to have a user land packages management system using SHell scripts to pack and install files. The sup packages can install all kind of files such as scripts, non free tools, icons, wallpapers, templates, pre-compiled binaries, etc. Sup is designed to handle software that can/should be installed in user space such as web frameworks.

Sup will also be useful in live mode with a persistent home mounted so users can have sup packages installed without having a too big rootfs in RAM.

Quickstart Guide

Get the source code, install and play with the creation of a new package (my-pkg in the example). Only command line tools and a rustic Hub interface on SCN are actually used:

$ hg clone http://hg.slitaz.org/sup
$ cd sup make
$ sudo make install

# Create
$ sup new my-pkg

# Add optional files in files/*

# Cook
$ sup cook my-pkg
$ sup install my-pkg

SUP will work in .hidden/ directories but cooked packages and your wok can be found in a non-hidden directory at ~/sup-cook